the two rich kid
Updated: 2/23/2021
the two rich kid

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  • A rich man has two daughters, one is kind and the other is arrogant and mean.
  • I am a rich girl, I don't want to play with normal people.
  • Girls, this is my friend Miss Orlen, and her son
  • Hi, I am Skylen.
  • Hi!
  • Hi! I am Thea.
  • Missy, I have prepared your breakfast.
  • Missy, I have prepared your breakfast.
  • When they grew up, one got more kind and one got more arrogant and mean.
  • Oh! Thanks, I will eat it later.
  • Didn't you see that I am busy, normal servant!
  • 10 years later.....
  • Meece, you don't get anything because you are mean and arrogant. You will get a house too. We will bring you guys too your house tomorrow.
  • Girls, we are old. We decided to give half of our money and a house to Skylen.
  • Why I don't get anything? I am your daughter too! Where will I live?
  • Thanks, mother, father!
  • I love this house, thanks!
  • This is your new home, you will live here for next 2 years, If you are still so kind, we will give you a big house like ours.
  • This is your new home. You will live here for the next 3 years. If you improved, we will give you a better house
  • He will not know if I am good.
  • No one want to dance with me, can you dance with me?
  • Go away! I will only dance with rich people!
  • Dad is not here.
  • No one want to dance with me, can you dance with me?
  • Ok!
  • I am actually a prince. You are the only one who danced with me, will you marry me?
  • I am actually a prince, you are so mean.
  • WHAT?
  • Yes, I will marry you!