MDLP Rome project part 1
Updated: 5/19/2020
MDLP Rome project part 1
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  • Rome is located in the center of Italy. It was also by a River called the Tiber River
  • This looks like the perfect place to build a city
  • I agree
  • But it had no natural defense so they were often attacked. Forcing them to become a military city
  • this is HORRIBLE! we're getting attacked! we must become a strong military city in order to survive
  • Rome eventually conquered all of Italy except the far north. But a rival city called cartage in north Africa threatened Rome, so the went to war; These wars were called the Punic wars and there were 3 of them
  • Soon Rome started to grow into a city ruled in monarchy. They were influenced by the Etruscan in the north.
  • It didn't take long for political turmoil
  • We, the plebeian, SHOULD have power because we're the working class and we are the majority
  • We, the Patricians, hold power and should be in charge because we're wealthy!
  • Soon it would be settled
  • ...No one man can have too much power!
  • Now that we have more rights and the laws are written down we can finally have a fit goverment
  • As long as we still have more power and money. Now as a Great Roman republic where...
  • The first Punic war was fought in Sicily, which had revolted against Carthage control. The Romans had helped them. And Rome won
  • Soon after the first Punic war,Hannibal made a campaign with 35000 troops from Spain to Italy. He was never defeated and Romans faced heavy causalities. Despite his victorious wins, Hannibal never was able to conquer Rome
  • The 3rd Punic war happened because Rome still feared Carthage as a threat. so with Rome's approval, Numidia provoked Carthage, giving Rome a reason to attack. Rome decimated Carthage.
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