Comics with Cody and Connor
Updated: 5/2/2020
Comics with Cody and Connor

Storyboard Description

A day in the life of a single father and his doofus kids.

Storyboard Text

  • Adventures with a SIX YEAR OLDBy: Justin Davis
  • Dad, dad! I found a bunch of DIAMONDS outside again!
  • Those are just rocks, kiddo.
  • Yeah, but I'm still RICH , though.
  • So, anyway... I was thinking we could get me a VR set.
  • I'm pretty sure that's too expensive for us, Connor.
  • Not for my REAL dad.
  • ...and who taught you that!?
  • YourWHAT!? I AM your "REAL" Dad!
  • No, BATMAN is my REAL dad!
  • Where was BATMAN last night when you whined about dinner and desperately needed me to cook a new one?
  • I dunno. Probably fighting crime. He's a busy man, dad!
  • *sigh* This kid is gonna be the death of me...
  • We can't just expect a hero to drop what he's doing and make my dinner, can we?
  • Seems like a kinda cruddy parent if he can't take time to make dinner for his son...
  • We can't choose our family, dad. We just have to love them for who they ARE.
  • It was ME, pick up these rocks!
  • I dunno, probably Batman!
  • I'm gonna keep these diamonds!
  • That's okay! You can have them! You need them, Batman will get me more!
  • I hate it here.
  • They're not rocks. They're diamonds!