Updated: 2/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • It was pouring that night when Jake learned about the water cycle.
  • He learned it from a person he was afraid of before because
  • Her name was Sally.
  • Why is it raining! I wanted to play baseball!
  • It's all right Jake. Precipitation is actually good for the environment.
  • Precipi- what?!?
  • Precipitation; Rain, sleet, or hail. It is raining right now.
  • Okay!
  • Oh, okay. But when will the rain stop. I want to play.
  • Don't worry, you might not play today.
  • Go to the park tomorrow morning. Meet me there.
  • But you will see the magnificence of the water cycle.
  • What happend?!
  • Wow! Tell me more.
  • Evaporation; when all the water turns into water vapor. It all disappears.
  • Okay.
  • Last is condensation. That is when the water vapor all comes together. It creates a cloud when this happens. Then once the cloud gets too heavy with water, the water falls. So then precipitation starts all over again.
  • First comes precipitation. That is when rain, sleet, or hail falls.
  • Then comes evaporation. That is when water gets heated up and turns into water vapor.
  • Wow you really know your facts, don't you?
  • Ya, I guess so.
  • No, tell me more about it.
  • Also, do you know what a point source is?
  • Well, a point source is when the ocean, or any type of place that has water, is polluted For example, a point source is the opposite of what the ocean is right now.
  • Wait, but then what is it called when the water is clean?
  • Good point, let's talk about that.
  • When the ocean is dirty, polluted, that is called a non-point source. That is what looks like the ocean right now.
  • Wow! That's amazing.
  • Ya, it's pretty bad out today
  • Now i'm going to go throw it away. Bye.
  • Hey guys, have you seen all of the non-point source out?