Madam rides a bus storyboard by Prisha Chirag - 10-B

Madam rides a bus storyboard by Prisha Chirag - 10-B
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Storyboard Text

  • My name is Valliammai. I like to be called Valli. I am 8 years old and my favorite pastime is to observe what happens on the street in front my house every day. The most fascinating thing of all was the bus that passed through my street each hour. The sight of the bus, filled each time with a new set of passengers, was a delightful sight for me. It is my greatest desire to experience a ride in the bus, but I am scared to go alone.”
  • "HEY"
  • One day Valli decided to be brave and finally experience a ride in the bus. She collected some information from frequent travellers and put together the appropriate amount of money and set out for her journey in the afternoon.
  • i really want to ride the bus.
  • The Bus experience was so good.
  • When she entered the bus, the conductor greeted her kindly and led her to the assigned seat. She was so excited when the bus started that she stood up on the seat to look out the window. Suddenly Valli was startled by a voice. “Listen, child,” said the voice, “you shouldn’t stand like that. Sit down.”Sitting down, she looked at the voice and saw that it was an old lady. Valli was annoyed by her behaviour towards her so she said, “There’s nobody here who’s a child, I’ve paid my thirty paise like everyone else.”
  • Child...
  • Hmm..But i have paid my money
  • Valli stood up again, continuing to take in the mesmerising sight of the surroundings. There was everything from beautiful green grasslands and distant mountains to blue waters and cloudy skies. She closed her eyes savouring the pleasant petrichor and the feeling of the cool wind on her face.One of the stops was Caligari Carnival. There were rides and food stalls and people laughing and playing and enjoying their time. Looking at the fun place Valli was tempted to go in a ride or two and eat some sweet cotton candy, but unfortunately she did not have the money for any of it.
  • Don't you want to buy anything madam.
  • No...i don't have enough money.
  • Sometime later they were back on the way home and Valli got out at my stop. Her mother Durga was asleep when she reached home, which was a good thing as she would not find out about Valli’s adventure. The next day her mind was still lingering on the carnival and its fun rides. So she planned out another bus journey to the carnival and collected more money to use there.
  • Wow. Amazing bus experience. Tomorrow again i will ride the bus
  • Valli got into the bus and took her seat. The view outside the window was the same as yesterday, so she was a little less interested in it but looked around nonetheless. The cool monsoon wind blew on her face once again and the green landscapes made for a satisfying view. Eventually that comforting atmosphere lulled her to sleep and she lost track of time. She stayed asleep for a long time, even as they passed the carnival.( “She seems to be fast asleep,” thought the conductor, not knowing that Valli had planned to exit at the carnival. “well, I will wake her up when we get to her stop at her house.” )
  • Is She sleeping? Let's wake her up.
  • Z z z
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