Citação de Dentro Para Fora e de Volta Para Trás

Updated: 5/9/2021
Citação de Dentro Para Fora e de Volta Para Trás

Storyboard Description

Peça aos alunos que identifiquem uma citação de Inside Out e Back Again de Thanhha Lai e façam uma conexão de texto para explicar o que significa para eles!

Storyboard Text

  • "MiSSSisss WaSShington saysif every learner waitsto speak perfectly,no one would learna new language ...They laugh.Shame on them!Challenge them to saysomething in Vietnameseand laugh right back."
  • Citações favoritas de dentro para fora e vice-versa
  • Hà confides in Mrs. Washington that she is bullied by her classmates when she makes mistakes speaking English. Mrs. Washington encourages Hà to speak as much as possible because it is only when you make mistakes that you learn! When Hà says that the children laugh at her, Mrs. Washington reminds Hà that those children probably don't know Vietnamese and she should be proud to know more than one language. She should certainly not be ashamed for not speaking English perfectly as it is her second language! This is a great reminder that we all learn through mistakes and practice. Nobody is born knowing everything!