Wildfires Earth day
Updated: 4/30/2020
Wildfires Earth day

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  • HI! Welcome back to the Late Night show with LIv! Last night we ended our episode with a cliffhanger about wildfires. What are wildfires doc?
  • THanks for having me Liv! wildfires are any fires that gets loose and spreads through nature.
  • Oh no! That does not sound so good to me... Are there any ways that us humans can cause wildfires?
  • Well, Liv, unfortunately yes, there are ways humans can cause wildfires. Things such as loose cigarettes, and camm fires that are left alone and even things like small engine sparks can lead to wildfires.
  • Wow! I did not know those things could cause wildfires, doc! Where do wildfires happen the most?
  • Wildfires mostly happen in Australia , in the wester part of the U.S., like California, the Western cape of South Africa, and in the forest areas of the U.S and Canada. It's a shame to say Wildfires can happen anywhere though, and another shame to see the happen in so many places around the world! Besdies burning down trees, they can kill many animals and even burn down houses and hurt humans. It is so devastating.
  • At least they dont last that long, right doc?
  • Actually Liv, wildfires can last for weeks, even months. Think about all that damage. Even though most of the time it takes 5 to 6 hours to put out a wildfire.
  • Last question Doc! How many degrees fahrenheit can wildfires go up to?
  • Aw man! Last question already? Well Liv, wildfires can burn up to 2000 degrees fahrenheit. Water boils at 100 degrees so think about how much hotter that is. Yowza!
  • Well, that's all for now for the Late Night Show With Liv! Tune in to our next episode where we will be concluding how to prevent wildfires and climate change. a.k.a, global warming!
  • YA! I can't wait to chat about a way to prevent these terrible things! Thanks for having me a second time on this amazing show! Bye for now!
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