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Updated: 1/22/2020
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  • Ionic Bonds consist of the bonding between a metal and a nonmetal. The metal loses electrons to become a positivly charged ion.
  • What is ionic bonding?
  • WOAH
  • We can see Calcium, who is a metal and Oxygen, who is a nonmetal, ready to take a swim for some bonding.
  • Hey Calcium! You ready to swim?
  • Hi oxygen! Yes, I definitely am!
  • Imma take a quick dip!
  • They have high melting points and high boiling points.
  • They're hard and brittle.
  • They form crystals.
  • These are a few properties of ionic bonding
  • They conduct electricity when they are dissolved in water
  • That means valence electrons are the outer shell electrons of an atom which are used to form bonds with other atoms. In an ionic bond they take from each other's valence electrons to form an octet.
  • So, an ionic bond is when a positively charged ion to form an octet. Which an octet rule is that every atom want to bond because it wants 8 valence electrons
  • Thank you Mike!
  • Well good luck on that test Anna!
  • So did you learn anything today?
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