If You Give a Nicholas Tres Gelletas
Updated: 11/18/2017
If You Give a Nicholas Tres Gelletas
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  • If You Give a Nicholas Tres Galletas
  • Once upon a time in a small village on the countryside lived an old woman who went by the name Abuela Enchantada, or the Enchanted Grandmother . She had moved here many years ago from Spain .
  • She was a witch , but not the bad, evil kind. She had no wart on her nose, no evil cackle or broomstick she flew on. She was more like a fairy who used her magic for good. Here on the countryside everybody loved Abuela Enchantada, where she used her magic and potions to help out all the villagers.
  • She had secret spells to help you when you were sick ,chants to make your garden grow and bloom with life, but she was most famous of all for her magic galletas, which is Spanish for cookies. Everyone raved about Abuela Enchantada's famous galletas and claimed they were so good they melted in your mouth.
  • People begged her for the recipe and the offered her a great deal of money or treasure for the secret to them. She just laughed turning them down thing a good witch never shares her spells. 
  • One day Abuela Enchantada’s grandson Nicholas came from the city to the country side to stay with her for aweek. "Oh my dear pequino nieto how I've missed you I’m muy muy happy you are here!" "Muy muy" means "very very" in Spanish. "I’m happy to be here too! I've missed you very much oh my stomach and I have missed your magical , famous gellatas!" Cried Nicholas.
  • I missed you and your magical gellatas!
  • Oh my precious pequinonieto let's hurry into the kitchen I have someleft waiting for you in the magical galletas jar"! Cried AbuelaEnchantada. "Pequino nieto" means tiny grandson.
  • As Nicholas walked into the kitchen the sweet aroma flooded his nose, overpowering any other scent .The magic galletas filled the jar to the brim , crumbs tumbling out the sides. The flavors varied from sweet macadamia nut, butterscotch pecan, to classic comforting chocolate chip, and moist sugar cookies with a buttery flavoring and a rainbow sky of sprinkles.
  • Semms muy yummy!
  • "Now Nicholas the magical galletas jar is full. You may have tres galletas before supper , but that is all after that you are not to touch my magical galletas jar understand? " asked Abuela Enchantada. Tres galletas means 3 cookies. "Si , si"said Nicholas .
  • UNO=ONE=1
  • DOS=TWO=2
  • I must run next door to help Mr. Martenzi with weed problem in his garden. I shall be back shortly to start on supper. Remember only tres galletas, then do not touch my magical galleta jar" warned Abuela Enchantada. .
  • Nicholas ran to the gelletas jar and picked out three delicious cookies. One was orange honey and as he bit into it the crunch could be heard from miles away. Next, the gooey, moist chocolate chip cookie ,then his favorite, for last the gingerbread so sweet, warm , and doughy.
  • Nicholas couldn't help but desire more, he was missing out on the double chocolate and macadamia nut when they were still warm and fresh from the oven. He struggled to fight the temptation , but swore the galletas were calling to him. "Nicholas eat me! I am so fresh, yummy, and gooey""Your Abuela will never know" the galletas taunted.
  • Eat us! DO IT! We are delicious!
  • He couldn't resist the galletas peer pressureany longer as his hand dug in scooping up three more magical treasures. Hepopped them right into his mouth, enjoying every last crumb ,but then Nicholas looked at the jar and could notbelieve his eyes. The galletas were multiplying, more and more began to appearoverfilling the jar. 
  • They kept coming and coming, unsure what to do Nicholas grabbed a handful and stuffed them into his mouth. Yet they did not stop. More and more galletas came swimming out of the jar like fish flowing through the sea. Every time he ate one another six replaced it. Soon they were falling onto the floor. He reached for a lid and slammed it tight onto the magic galleta jar holding it down with the strength of super glue. Yet, this was no help his hands being forced right off.
  • Unsure of what to do now and with a very overstuffed belly, Nicholas ran next door to Mrs. Martenzi’s home to retrieve his Abuela . "Oh, my Nicholas I warned you not to eat more than tres galletas!" she cried hurrying home. She ran into the kitchen and began her chant "oh cookie cookie, galletas treat I have had enough to eat! Chocolate, butterscotch, sugar cookies, ginger, and more I have had more than enough cookies to store!" Then, with a twitch of her nose and a pinch ofher magic dust she threw into the jar, the galletas stopped.
  •  "Chocolate, butterscotch, sugar cookies, ginger, and more I have had more than enough cookies to store!"
  • Now Nicholas" she said "I fear you have disobeyed me so I must teach you a lesson". She turned toward the galletas and cast another spell. "Cookies , cookies oh so sweet galletas are a yummy treat. But when we are bad there is a lesson to be had. Cookies, cookies disappear instead let's have some Brussels sprouts for my dear!" Chanted Abuela Enchantada and with a twitch of her nose and a pinch of her magic dust the yummy, gooey galletas were replaced with green, smelly Brussels sprouts. 
  • "Now Nicholas, for punishment you must eat all these Brussels sprouts and nothing more until they are done." As Nicholas groaned he began to eat his Brussel sprouts which were piled high like a mountain; a scary sight for Nicholas who hated them so. It took him two and a half days worth of eating till he was finally finished and his belly was full.
  • Nicholas learned his lesson and never again ate more then three galletas at a time, he also never again ate a single Brussel sprout or disobeyed his Abuela Enchantada. On his way home she gave him a bag of magic galleta and he made sure only to have tres a day and ate them happily with a lesson learned .
  • This story is based upon Stregga Nona written by Tomie dePaola. Tale, De Paola An Old. Strega Nona. Demco Media, 1975.

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