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Updated: 1/30/2020
Unknown Story
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  • In the prehistoric time period, when there was no civilization, it was every hominid for themselves. They had to live on their own and did not know any other way of living. They had to hunt on their own.
  • The paleolithic or the old stone age soon came and the nomads started finding eachother and building. They started to use stone tools and an early type of communication.
  • The homo sapiens were digging for limestone and started religious beliefs within eachother. They started a culture and imitated eachother to learn new things. They even started to bury the dead and have a "funeral".
  • The Nomads were hunting and gathering together. Women usually gathered berries and roots while the men hunted for animals. One day the women accidentally spread berries, and when they came back to the same spot, there were plants growing.
  • When the neolithic nomads figured out that they can bury seeds and plants grow they were excited. They started a slash and burn farming technique which cleared fields for farming and started to domesticate animals by building fences to trap them.
  • Eventually the villages started to grow and prosper throught regions. The homo sapiens were expanding everywhere and sharing their knowledge and advanced technology with others. Some even migrated to other regions. There were some drawbacks like little food and fire, but all in all it's what made our society today.
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