Comic Strip on Disaster Management

Updated: 5/19/2021
Comic Strip on Disaster Management

Storyboard Text

  • Hii Jas !! Have you heard about the Bhopal Disaster?
  • No, What is disaster?
  • Disaster is a destructive event that occurs suddenly and involves loss of life and property and Disaster Management refers to the measures taken for the safety and protection of life and property from natural or man-made disasters..
  • Okay. Are disaster caused by humans only ?
  • Not necessary Jas, disaster are sometimes disasters are also caused by nature. For example, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Landslides and so on.
  • Ohk. Can you please tell me about any one of the disaster ?
  • In the morning hours of December 3, 1984,forty tons of toxic gas, methyl isocyanate (MIC) released from Union Carbide Corporation’s Bhopal pesticide manufacturing plant, which leaked and spread throughout the city.Many people even died in their sleep.The brain,lungs, eyes, muscles, as well as neurological, gastrointestinal, reproductive and immune system systems of those who survived were badly affected.Dead bodies of humans and animals blocked the streets, leaves turned black in colour and a smell of burning chili peppers remained in the air.About 10,000people died and 5,00,000 people injured.
  • Oh my god !!So many people were dies and injured.
  • Yes. The government passed the Bhopal Gas Leak Act in March 1985, which allowed it to act as the legal representative for victims. While the UCC initially offered a $5 million relief fund to India, the government turned down the offer and demanded $3.3 billion. Eventually, an out-of-court settlement was reached in February 1989, Union Carbide agreed to pay $470 million for damages caused.The Supreme Court of India also laid down guidelines for the money—the family of the dead were to be given Rs 100,000-300,000. In addition, fully or partially disabled were to get Rs 50,000-500,000 and those with a temporary injury, Rs 25,000-100,000.
  • Were there any steps taken by the government ??
  • Ya, see
  • Oh, wow.Can you show some images too of Bhopal Disaster ?