Updated: 9/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Your father and I will be leaving tomorrow.
  • The house needs to be as clean as a whistle!
  • Compares two unlike things or characteristics by using the key words "like" or 'as".Example : That book is light as a feather.
  • I remember something that mom told me.
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  • The present action is temporarily interrupted to show some events of the past.Example : When I saw a picture of me and my childhood bestfriend, it was nostalgic. I have not seen her since we were 11 years old.
  • She told me yesterday that I once I do a good job cleaning the house, I get to watch the sunset with my friends.
  • This is the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen. The sky looks like the colors gold and pink mixed together.
  • It smells like fresh summer air.
  • It refers to the descriptive language that evokes sensory experience.Example : She could not hear clearly for a few days because the concert was so loud.
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