Pressures Behind the Sat
Updated: 12/11/2019
Pressures Behind the Sat
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  • Emily, you have been studying so hard and it has really shown in your practice tests! Just do your thing on the day of the test and remember our strategies! You are going to kill it!
  • Thursday- Last Sat Tutoring Session before the test
  • Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it!
  • Later that evening...
  • Hey sweetie, how do you feel about your upcoming sat?
  • I Don't know...The first time I took it I felt the same way as I feel now. I was prepared and I did really well on all the practice test and studied hard, but on the day of the test everything changed. Under the pressure of timing and me pressuring myself to do good, that anxiousness took over me. And in result I ended up not performing as good as I wanted to...
  • I know it is hard with all the pressure you and your schools standards are putting on you with this stupid test. Try not to crack under this pressure. What really matters is that you don't give up, and that you gave it your all. Which you already do.
  • Than how come I am not performing well?
  • That is a different story, some people are just not good test takers. That includes you. Because you put to much pressure on yourself to do really good, since your school is very competitive and you feel the need to compete with them. With that and you being a perfectionist you also second guess yourself. Doing that can sometimes make you choose the wrong answer. You just need to trust yourself and not panic.
  • You do have a point...
  • That does not mean you should rush yourself, after all slow and steady wins the race! But not to slow of course! Take your time while also keeping a good pace.
  • Also I want you to go into the test with an I don't care attitude.
  • Thanks for the advice dad.
  • I don't mean it literally... I want you to put your best effort in without stressing out about the final results. And not contemplate on your answers to much. Just put an answer down and trust it, after all you studied a lot and have the knowledge to perfom well. It's just you anxiousness getting in the way of it. This tactic will eliminate your anxiousness and result in a better score. Trust me.
  • WHAT?
  • Ok... I will try my best to do so...
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