As You Like It Five Act Structure Graphic Organizer

As You Like It  Five Act Structure Graphic Organizer

Storyboard Description

As You Like It 5 Act Structure - Exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action denouement

Storyboard Text

  • Duke Senior, a Robin Hood Archetype, has been banished.
  • Rosalind goes to the woods and disguises as Ganymede.
  • Setting in France, the story starts in Duke Fredrick's court. However, the rest of the play is set in the Forest of Ardenne.
  • Love sick, Silvius has been rejected by Phoebe.
  • Rosalind and Orlando fall in love however they cannot be together because she is exiled, and he is denied his status by the Duke. ​
  • After everyone in Duke Fredrick's court escapes to the woods, the play focuses on Rosalind and Orlando, who have fallen in love. However, they have been separated and she is disguised as a man.
  • Duke Senior no longer has to live in the forest.
  • Rosalind promises to marry Orlando, but first, she and Phoebe make an agreement that if for any reason she doesn't marry Ganymede, she will marry Silvius. Thus tricking Phoebe into marrying Silvius.
  • Rosalind, appearing as herself, marries Orlando, and Phoebe marries Silvius.
  • When Phoebe learns Ganymede is a woman she marries Silvius.
  • The Duke and Oliver put aside their differences with characters in the play and Duke Senior is returned to power.
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