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Local Color and Dialect

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Local Color and Dialect
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Blues Ain't No Mockingbird Lesson Plans

Blues Ain't No Mockingbird by Toni Cade Bambara

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

“Blues Ain’t No Mockingbird” is a short story about the narrator and her family's life in the deep south. The family must deal with many changes that arise after two men with cameras invade their privacy to make a documentary. Engage students with premade activities and lessons from Storyboard That!

Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird

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blues ain't no mockingbird setting

Storyboard Text

  • Local color includes distinctive characteristics of a place or time period. Vivid images, as represented in literature or as observed in reality, create specific characteristic traits for a region.
  • Dialect is the specific language used by people of a certain area, class, or cultural group. The term denotes the particular use of spelling, sounds, grammar, and pronunciation which is uncommon to other groups. It is a very powerful tool for enhancing characterization.
  • "When I go to Dunkin', I usually get a regulah coffee with cream and sugah.
  • If you come to Baston, you gottah get the lazy man's Lobstah!
  • You can take the T right to the Pahk! Don't forget to stop and get some dogs and sausages!

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