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Stage 2: Performance Tasks vs. Other Evidence
Updated: 5/18/2017
Stage 2: Performance Tasks vs. Other Evidence
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Understanding By Design

Understanding By Design

By Rebecca Ray

Understanding By Design is a framework and accompanying design process for thinking decisively about unit lesson planning. The concept was developed by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins, and as part of their principles they state that UBD “…is not a philosophy of education”. It is not designed to tell teachers what or how to teach; it is a system to help them teach more effectively. In fact, its flexibility is one reason it has gained so much acclaim. With UBD, the ultimate goal is to think backward, focusing on the big picture: at the end of a unit what is the essential question your students should be able to answer?

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UBD Understanding By Design Lesson plan and example Performance and Evidence

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  • A performance task asks students to demonstrate a skill by performing or producing something: Ex.) Make three-point shot
  • Other evidence could include many items: Ex.) John's coach has reviewed the game sheets and John made five three-point shots. Statistics are an example of traditional assessments.
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