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Updated: 2/27/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Living in the South
  • What are you doing here? Whites only!
  • Rosa Parks Starting the civil rights movement.
  • You better give up your seat, or I am going to have to arrest you!
  • You may do that.
  • The Baptist Church meeting.
  • We shall end racism with peaceful protests, rather than violent outrage.
  • Being black in the south meant you couldnt enter certain places because of your skin color.
  • Bus Boycott
  • You guys coming? It's raining!
  • Rosa parks had to give up her seat to a white passenger because she was black skinned
  • The Bombing of MLK's House
  • They may have bombed my home, but please, lower your weapons.
  • Martin Luther King was chosen as leader and gave a speech.
  • The End of the Boycott
  • The boycott has worked! The buses are no longer segregated!
  • After Rosa Parks refused her seat, a bus boycott was started and black people walked instead of riding the bus.
  • No bus for us. Were walking!
  • Even when the KKK had bombed MLKs home, he told the crowd of black people to put their weapons down.
  • After 381 days, the boycott was over and blacks could now sit in the front of the bus.
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