Science Inherited vs. Acquired Traits
Updated: 1/17/2020
Science Inherited vs. Acquired Traits
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  • Let's start! Would someone's eye color be inherited, acquired, or both?
  • Welcome it Inherited or Acquired!
  • Let's meet our contestants!
  • I'm Jane
  • Next question! Would a broken leg be an inherited, acquired or both?
  • I'm Tim
  • I'm Susie. What exactly are Inherited and Acquired traits?
  • And now for the tie breaker! How can you tell if a trait is inherited or acquired?
  • Acquired traits developed during life such as learning to read or ride a bike.
  • Inherited traits are coded in your DNA and can be passed onto the next generation.
  • If your trait is inherited, then you got it from your parents. If your trait in acquired, then you got it the trait during your lifetime.
  • Correct! You got your eye color from your parents. It is inherited.
  • BUZZ!
  • Susie?
  • Inherited?
  • Correct! If you had a broken leg, you would not be able to pass your broken leg onto your kids.
  • BUZZ!
  • Tim?
  • Acquired?
  • Correct! Susie wins!
  • BUZZ!
  • Susie?
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