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Roaring Twenties / Post WWI
Updated: 11/15/2019
Roaring Twenties / Post WWI
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  • Jazz Age
  • Women's Rights
  • Thank You
  • You got the job. You have proved yourself capable of work
  • Mass Production
  • Inside The Factory
  • The Jazz Age was a period of time where jazz was very popular. Jazz artists like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington made jazz a popular style of music, as well. Jazz was made by improvisation, which means that they make the rhythm and beat as they go. Jazz mostly used the trumpet and saxophone.
  • When men went to fight in the war, women filled in the jobs that were vacant. Soon, people realized that women can do things as well as men and Congress passed the 19th Amendment. It gave women the right to vote. Now women have as many rights as men do.
  • Mass Production was influenced by Henry Ford. He created the assembly line and it made automobiles quicker and more affordable. Soon many families in America had cars and factories still use the method today. Mass production used specialization wher one person is good at a certain task.
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