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Stamp Act Project
Updated: 8/31/2020
Stamp Act Project
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  • How about a tax on all official paper documents!
  • Great Idea!
  • Parliament
  • I don't think the Americans will like that. They may revolt.
  • We must tax the American Colonies to pay off our war debt.
  • News from England! A new tax on all legal documents! We should have gotten a say!
  • How dare they!
  • We'll get them back!
  • Poor people! The British took away my rights! I want them back!
  • The British had 130 million pounds in debt from The French and Indian War. They needed a quick and easy way to pay it off. So, they created the Stamp Act.
  • No Taxation without Representation!
  • My home! What have you done?
  • The Americans were very mad about the Stamp Act. Not necessarily because the Americans didn't want the tax, but because they did not get any say in it. Notice the people mad are rich.
  • We need to boycott the stamps so the British will repeal!
  • Stamps
  • Yeah
  • Get your stamps here
  • The wealthy colonists spun it to be that the British were taking away the Americans freedom and rights. But really it was just a tax on wealthy people.
  • England can no longer sustain itself with the American boycotts. I have decided to abolish the Stamp Act.
  • The Americans protested the Stamp Act by burning British Customs Officials homes. Notice the people protesting are poor.
  • The Colonists in much frustration with the British Stamp Act created a boycott which ultimately proved successful.
  • After one year of the Stamp Act England abolished it. The Stamp Act was the beginning of the end of Britain's rule over America.
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