The Life of Muhammad
Updated: 2/4/2020
The Life of Muhammad

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  • Birth of Muhammad
  • Early Life, Marriage, and Profession
  • Call to Prophethood
  • Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, was born in the oasis town of Mecca, in the year of 571.
  • Spread of Faith
  • Muhammad lived a childhood riddled with sadness and grief. His relatives did not live long. He was a merchant, and was married to another merchant woman named Kadijah. She was rich and powerful.
  • The Hijrah
  • Muhammad was a very devout man. As he was thinking alone in a cave, he is believed to have a revelation from the Angel Gabriel, to spread a monotheistic faith.
  • Death of Muhammad
  • As Muhammad preached openly, and gained followers. Most people rejected Islam, to continue the worship of tribal gods. This unappreciation from the people of Mecca, was enough to drive Muhammad out.
  • When Muhammad was driven out of Mecca, he traveled to Medina. As he traveled, he spread his faith, gaining more and more followers.
  • Muhammad died, after establishing a strong base of Islam. He passed away in the year 632, in the coastal city of Medina.