John Wayne Gacy Jr.

John Wayne Gacy Jr.

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  • The kid's father was a raging alcoholic. He used to beat them and even their mother sometimes with a razor strap, but one day something clicked with Johnny, and he stopped crying, which made his father very mad and beat him even harder.
  • John Gacy was a very manly man who loved sports. He always wanted a son to share this passion of his with, on March 17th, 1948, in Chicago, his wish came true, and John Wayne Gacy Jr was born.
  • John was called Johnny by everyone in his family. As Johnny grew up, he didn't have tendencies of playing sports, he would rather plant flowers and cook.These more feminine actions would anger his father a lot.
  • In 1954, Johnny joined the boy scouts where he met Barry Boshelli who would soon become his best friend. One day, Johnny stole a pair of his mother's underwear, and when he was home alone, he would wear them, with lipstick on occasion and wonder if he should have been born a woman...
  • One day while young Johnny was playing with friends, he passed out and was sent to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a heart condition, that would forever impair him from playing sports.
  • A couple of years later, Johnny, now called John by friends, moved to Illinois, got a new job and started dating co-worker Marlyn Myers who's father had many connections in politics. He, later on, married her. John wanted to climb up the social ladder, become the governor, and maybe one day president!
  • Father always says at family gatherings: I would rather he be dead than homosexual
  • Sir, I would love to have a management job at your KFC!
  • At that time everyone was raving about the free love movement, but John was too scared that someone would notice him since he was now the vice president of the local council. He did not engage in "cruising" which is when u go to a park and wait for another man to approach you for sex. Instead, John invited his co-worker's son Donald Vorhees over to his house. Donald saw John as a father figure, and liked him because he let him drink alcohol and showed his porn collection. On that day, John forced him into oral sex.
  • John was not loyal to his wife whatsoever, in fact as she was giving birth to his first child, he was at a bar drinking with his friends, then proceeded to go home with them and have sex.
  • John's father in law owned a couple of KFC's. According to best friend Barry, the only reason John wanted that job was so that he could control people.
  • Don't forget Donald; I have connections with the mafia if you tell anyone what happened tonight I will send them to kill you and your entire family!
  • John got arrested. He denied and asked for a lie detector test which he failed, and got sentenced for ten years in jail. He was so good at KFC as a manager that he became the chef there. The people loved him for his abilities to spice foods, thus made friends with everyone, even the guards which helped him get out on good behavior 16 months later.
  • John then proceeded by giving Donald $50 for his silence. Donald was never the same after that. In 1968, he finally broke down and told his entire family what had occurred that night.
  • After getting out of jail, John went back to live with his mother, since no one knew in his hometown what has happened. One day he was at the Greyhound bus station where he saw 16-year-old Tim McCoy who had a layover on his way to see his family for the holidays. Both males started flirting, Tim went to Gasy's house where they had intercourse, but John was so ashamed of himself for giving in to his sexuality and stabbed the young boy multiple times in the chest with a kitchen knife until he died.
  • While in jail, he was so ashamed of his sexualiuty that ince he saw two concenting male adults having oral sex, he proceeded by physically harming and hitting the man so much that he had a bloody face
  • I don't know what to do with the body... I guess i will just barry him right here in the basement!
  • Instead of lipstick, John started dressing up as a clown, called himself "Pogo the clown" Gasy would go to hospitals to do magic tricks for the young and sick children. But he did not look like a typical clown; his makeup had very sharp edges. His reasoning to start was an escape for all the things he couldn't do.
  • Gacy used to drive around town dressed as Pogo the Clown, whenever he would see young boys roaming alone, he would force them to enter his vehicle with the help of a gun, after involuntary intercourse, he would stab the young boys to death and barry them in his basement.
  • Robert Priest worked at Des Plaines Pharmacy; John had seen him before and followed him to his job. Upon arriving, he offered to renovate the pharmacy and proceeded by asking the young boy if he knew anyone looking for a job for he would pay $5/ hour for construction work. Robert, unfortunately, took the bait since it was twice what he made at the pharmacy, later before leaving he had a short quick conversation with his mother, not knowing it would be his last.
  • Some contractor wants to talk to me about a job!!
  • Where are you going Robby??
  • After he had killed young Robert, he didn't have any more space in his basement to barry the corpse, since there were already 27 bodies. The police did find the body and knew that John was the killer. Gacy declined all the allegations and even invited the detectives over for some dinner and drinks. While at supper, one of the investigators could smell the rotting corpses. The law enforcers came back with a warrant and found the bodies. John Wayne Gasy received the death penalty. Executed May 10th, 1994.
  • I'll just dump him in this river no one will find him here!
  • So Romy, after telling you this whole story, which theory do you think best describes the acts of John Wayne Gacy?
  • Alright! what do you think are some preventative measures and policies that could be put in place for this theory?
  • Reference Walsh, A., & Jorgensen, C. (2017). Criminology: The essentials (3rd ed.). Los Angeles: SAGE.
  • I think it would definitely be a psychological theory, Psychopathy to be precise. It's when a person does not have the ability to tie social emotions to cognition; so his amygdala which is the part of his brain that controls his feelings like fear and his prefrontal cortex which is the part that makes rational choices, do not have strong bonds like the rest of the people.
  • To be specific, I would consider him a secondary psychopath since his actions were mostly due to how his father acted towards him, wishing he was dead rather than a homosexual. He was a serious chronic offender. A psychiatrist would probably diagnose him with antisocial personality disorder since he violated and disregarded the rights of others. The most widely used measure for this criminal would be the psychopathy checklist-revised, designed by Robert Hare; the two major groups would be personality traits and behavior traits, he would definitely score over a 30/40 which is the number needed to be diagnosed. To put that number in perspective, nonoffenders usually score a 5/40! John did not have the ability to feel human emotions like shame, embarrassment, and guilt.
  • Well, it would have to be cognitive behavioral counseling, so that we can teach them what meaningful contact is. We have to educate these criminals on how damaging their way of reasoning has impacted their lives and the lives of others too. We would have to instruct them on how to interpret their own thoughts. But unfortunately no matter how aware they are of what has transpired and the state of their mind, establishing that connection between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex is not feasible. People with psychopathy do not have real rehabilitation programs. They are poor candidates for treatment. They are incapable of compassion, honesty, and emotions in general. Treatments sadly only make them worse because they will discover how to push peoples buttons better. The only real proven way that helps is old age.
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