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Updated: 3/22/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The Medieval Inquisition
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  • A friar is explaining to new friars about the Inquisition. He wants them to be able to do their job to the best of their ability and treat everyone with fairness.
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  • As he is describing to the new Inquisitors what to do, he informs them that the Inquisition is meant to find heretics, and the punishment is supposed to be therapeutic instead of punitive.
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  • As he is talking, other scenes from the past come up to show what the Inquisitors should do. Such as the Medieval Inquisition which occurred from 1249-1257.
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  • He explains that a tribunal, or three friars would show up in a town and explain why heresy was harmful, and why people should give information about the whereabouts of heretics. Meanwhile, a scene of three friars in a town is shown with them explaining this.
  • A scene of what not to do pops up. The friar explains that they should not come in to kill and attack people, such as the military does, but they should be there to simply educate the people and give repentance or small punishments to heretics.
  • The friar's voiceover continues as he explains that a trial happens in two parts, the inquisitio generalis, which was the pretrial, and the inquisitio particularis, whiter the accused was given a list of charges, and a trial was held. Meanwhile, an example of a trial during the Medieval Inquisition is showing.