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Updated: 1/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The theme is some things are worth more to some people then they do to others. This scene shows that Charles is appalled at finding the gold chain on a tree.
  • "That's my brother's gold watch chain."
  • "I found it nailed to a tree, for God's sake. What kind of house is this?"
  • This shows that the gold chain does not have the same value to Constance as it does to Charles even though it was found in a tree.
  • "It's not important, really Charles it's not important."
  • The gold chain is worth money and Charles could have sold it because other people would buy it since they know its valuable.
  • "Not important? Connie, this thing's made of gold....We could have sold it."
  • Constance, along with Merricat, do not see the value in the chain because it does not hold any money value, rather than emotional value.
  • "But why?"
  • Charles is saying that the chain is worth money and he does not understand how Merricat and Constance don't recognize that.
  • "It's worth money. This is a gold watch chain, worth probably a good deal of money. Sensible people don't go around nailing this kind of valuable thing to trees."
  • Constance is moving on from the conversation because she does not see the importance in it like Charles does.
  • "Lunch will be cold if you stand there worrying."
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