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Updated: 9/4/2020
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  • A NOBLE KNIGHT wearing shining armor of steel and a sword in its sheath kneels before his KING who wears noble attire and a crown and sits upon a throne in his court. The knight is young and eager. The king is old but wise.
  • KING:You have been tasked with slaying the dragon which has been terrorizing our kingdom for many months now.It has destroyed buildings, stolen livestock, and seriously wounded many citizens. I trust that you can perform this task with great efficiency. And should you do so, there is a fine reward in order for you.
  • The knight looks up at the king at nods contently,his eyes shining with confidence.KNIGHT: I will not fail you, M'lord
  • The king nods back in agreement, knowing the knight will not fail him when he sees the look in his eyes.KING: On your way then. Godspeed.
  • Hearing that, the knight quickly stands, turns, andhurriedly exits the throne room, the king watching him as he leaves.
  • [Previous scene contd.]
  • The knight can be seen exiting the castle and making for his horse, who he unties the lead from and expertly mounts. He gives the horse a quick tap on the side with his foot and they are off, riding through the streets of the city.
  • They pass several buildings and landmarks before reaching the city gates, which have been opened in anticipation of the knight’s arrival. The knight rides through the gates and over the hills into the horizon.
  • [Previous scene contd.]
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