Unknown Story

Updated: 8/2/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Harald Hadrada lands in Northumbria with 300 ships. He battles the local English army at Fulford gate. The English army formed a line along the north bank of the water. The Norwegians tried to attack the English but could break the line of defence. The English decide to flank around to the east and attack the Norwegians from there.
  • Harald and his Norwegian army win the battle.
  • While King Harold and his troops were waiting for the invasion from Duke William of Normandy he found out about the battle at Fulford Gate. After he found out about this he gathered an army of 15,000 troops. King Harold led his army 200 miles in four days, day and night.
  • The only time that Harald Hardrada and his army knew where they were is when they were charging at them for battle. King Harold Godwinson ended up winning the battle but around a third of his troops was killed. Harald Hardrada was shot and killed by an arrow so his army decided to surrender. They only went back home with around 50 ships out of 300. Tostig Godwinson, Harold Godwinsons brother was also killed.
  • On September 28th, William, Duke of Normandy lands in England at Pevansy, on Britains south east coast, with thousands of troops. He and his troops marched to Hastings where they paused and organised for the battle.
  • On the 13th of October King Harold arrives near Hastings with his army. The next day William Duke of Normandy leads his troops out to battle which ended up to be his victory. The battle was fought on Senlac Hill, seven miles from Hastings.