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The Tell Tale Heart
Updated: 11/12/2020
The Tell Tale Heart
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  • I'm not crazy, I just had to kill the old man, it wasn't him it's just his vulture eye I'll tell you the whole story and you'll see I'm not crazy
  • I was walking through the streets and saw it I saw the vulture eye
  • every night for 7 day right at the stoke at midnight I would creep into the old mans room until the eighth night he saw my lantern and I new I had to do something
  • Hello?Who's there?
  • my fingers started to twitch the heart beat was to loud I started screaming, cursing, was running around the room waving my arms in the air but they wouldn't leave. I couldn't help it everything was better than this this torture
  • I squished him under the bed. he was stone cold dead, but now I new I needed to get ride of the body to hide the evidence
  • I needed to hide the body and I decided to hide him under the floor boards than I heard a knock and thought the neighbours had heard the screaming I was busted
  • They worn't on to me this was perfect so I decided to invite them into the old mans room and set my chair right on top of the floor boards
  • hello would you like to come in
  • Villains dissemble no more I admit the deed tear up the planks here, here It is the beating of his hideous heart
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