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cartoon trasnport
Updated: 11/19/2019
cartoon trasnport
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  • Hi my name is Sydelle Alenda
  • Hi my name is Imani Akua
  • I my name is Sydelle . For example I am about to open these soda. This soda is an example of diffusion because the air in the bottle has a lower concentration of that bubbly carbon dioxide than the drink so the CO2 molecules depart the drink and spread into the air.
  • I my name is Imani . Today I am going to talk to you about diffusion. It is the intermingling of substances by the natural movement of their particles.
  • Once I came out of the pool I noticed that my fingers were are wrinkled which is an example of osmosis . It's because if you sit in the water for a while there get wrinkled because of to much osmosis . The skin of our fingers absorb water and get expanded or bloated; leading to the pruned or wrinkled fingers.
  • As a mail woman your has to know where each package mail , and box goes. This is an example of transport proteins. It's because each package much enter the right door .
  • Some days I ride my bike to school . It is avery good source of energy. Which is an example of endocytosis because it uses energy.
  • I am leaving this Coffee shop. This is an example of exocytosis. This is showing when getting rid of waste.
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