The City of Ember COMIC
Updated: 2/23/2021
The City of Ember COMIC

Storyboard Text

  • ¡Look Doon! This is outside of Ember
  • ¡Wow! Finally,after all these lights problems the people of Ember will see again with no problems.
  • ¡We should tell the people from Ember to move here! It is a better place.
  • ¡Look here! Lets write them a letter and throw this rock.
  • Letsgo! Lina and Doon are waiting for us in a better place.
  • That’s right ¡Keep it moving guys! We are getting closer.
  • Poppy had touched the earthsurface when Lina, Doon, and she saw the beautiful new place they discovered and advanced as soon as they saw the sunlight.
  • What is this? A book? In school they told us these ones were over! wow!
  • First, Lina and Doon took a little look around and afterwards told the people of Ember they found a better place to live.
  • The rock that Lina and Doon threw, had been received by the people of the City of Ember when they just started to move to the earth surface.
  • Look guys, according to this book, there is something called the environment. It is important to take care of it because…and I made these rules for our community. Number 1…
  • Lina had just found a book when she was coming back for reuniting with Doon in the “safe place”. It was under some rocks, trees, and leaves. It was called “Why and how to save our environment”.
  • Meanwhile the people of the City of Ember started to settle in the place Lina and Doon found. Lina had finished the book and looked surprised and worried.
  • Lastly, Lina had proposed a number of rules so the new community could learn how to live protecting the environment.