Layout Examples

Layout Examples
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Storyboarding Tips: How To Storyboard Effectively

By Sarah Laroche

You’ve made a storyboard for a project, assignment, or idea and yet something seems to be lacking. You’ve got a great story and covered all the topics you need, but you still have this feeling that it could be even better. Look no further! This article will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to make your storyboard the absolute best it can be!

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Storyboard Description

Storyboarding Tips

Storyboard Text

  • Poor Layout
  • I'm good, you?
  • CAFE
  • Hello! How are you today?
  • Good Layout
  • I'm good, you?
  • CAFE
  • Hello!
  • How are you today?
  • This scene is very cluttered and hard to understand. The word bubbles overlap and are out of reading order. The car is the wrong size compared to the people. There is too much imagery in the middle of the scene.
  • The text bubbles are now more intuitively arranged and no longer overlap. The car and scene are cropped and brought to correct size for better scene stability. The weight of the images is more dispersed around the cell.
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