Movie Maker Matt Begins Storyboarding

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Movie Maker Matt Begins Storyboarding
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Making Movies out of Your Storyboard

How to Take Your Script to Storyboard

By Sarah Laroche

Learn about the basics of storyboards and how they are useful when making films and other media. Introduction to Storyboarding for Film, Video, & Animation looks at the overall process of turning an idea into a completed storyboard.

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Storyboard Description

Movie or film storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Step 1: Begin Storyboarding
  • Step 2: Lay out Storyboards
  • Step 3: Revise Storyboards
  • Movie Maker Matt has finished his script and is now ready to begin storyboarding his great idea.
  • He lays out the storyboards of his film with Storyboard That and takes a look at his first draft.
  • Now that he has his first draft done, Movie Maker Matt begins revisions to make his storyboards the best they can be by adding effects and props.
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