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The Last Witches
Updated: 3/16/2020
The Last Witches
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The King of Humans wants to have no witches and tries to get rid of them. Keep reading to see what happens next.

Storyboard Text

  • King of Humans and Queen of Witches lived in peace until King of Humans decided to get rid of the witches.
  • 8 of the witches thought that the party that King of Humans planed was fake. They ran away and hid.
  • Winnie had Wish, Blaze had Briar, Ivy had Ira, Ari had Ammy, Amber had Autumn, Willow had Winter, Sarah had Spring, and Scar had Summer.
  • Long story short, they got caught but they just had time to save the babies. Willow told them their children will save their kind.
  • The babies went through a portal to get to the bench.
  • People who were going to see King of Humans to say not to punish witches but didn't make it saw the babies and wanted one. One man didn't want one but got one so it can be his maid.
  • Hi! I'm Autumn. I'm 16 and some quarters. I've always wondered why I had different colored hair then my dad. He says that people would say I'm a nice spoiled brat.
  • Hello. I am Summer Elisha Mar. I am 16 1/2 . My mothers name is Betsy Elisha Mar. She makes me write like this and dress like a lady. Can you believe that? She says i'm a lady. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??????
  • Hello. I am Winter. 16 years of age I am. Me and my mom look the exact oposite. Do I look like a beautifuly raised child?
  • Hello. I are Briar. I are 16. Me daddy are mean. He say I are very bad maid. I are from Spain. Help me please.
  • Hey! Yo! I am Ira. I'm on Cals Back Soccer Team. Do I look good? Mother says i'm, like, a super a super jock. 16 too.
  • Hello. I am Wish. I am the age of 16. i feel different. Like water. Marmee says I am the one of life.
  • I'm Spring. The artist. I work as an artist from 3-10 to earn money. I sleep from 10:30-7. I then go to school from 8-2. I am 16.
  • I live with the name Ammy. I am 16 years old. People tease me and say i'm an old lady. Daddy is nice.
  • The girls decided to be in a group for their project about witches.
  • Briar got a job of photoshooting the witches. Her mom told her everything and Briar promised to tell the others they were witches and needed to help the other witches out.
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  • Each type of witch has a way to look like. Ammy is a cat person, Wish is a stick person, Briar is a vampire person, Ira is a tree person, Summer is a tomboy person, Spring is a cute person,Winter is a mountain person, and Autumn is a warrior person.
  • After every single witch was saved,( including the witches that did go to the party), they got to talk with their children. Most of the witches brought their children to the party, but the ones that didn't went to the houses they kept their children in.
  • Soon, they had children. The children were more experienced then their parents.
  • Buh Bye!!

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