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Virus Cartoon
Updated: 3/25/2020
Virus Cartoon
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  • Hmmm.
  • There is no need to worry. It's just a small virus.
  • ???
  • Viruses are tiny cells that are only able to reproduce after infecting a host cell. This doesn't only include animals, but insects and plants as well! They come in many different shapes, but their main structure is having either DNA or RNA inside a capsid, and these capsids are covered in protein markers. These protein markers are crucial to the virus, as they are the way to attach to their host cell.
  • When they attach to their host cell, they either inject nucleic acid into the host cell, or attaches to the host cell, and bursts to get it's nucleic acid into the cell. The virus that's infecting this host cell has prepared, as the cell doesn't recognize it as a virus, but instead as something familiar!
  • Although these little stinkers have evolved, so has science! Thanks to the invention of vaccines in the late 1700's by Edward Jenner, we have found various ways to prevent these viruses from hurting us. While we can't exactly make a cure, we can inject dead virus cells into our immune systems for them to analyze them, and be ready when the real deal comes in!
  • That's about all! Any questions, Ms. Maple?
  • Oh jeez, not again!
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