Sarah Geber's Book Report # 2 Mystery. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, Sleepover
Updated: 11/15/2020
Sarah Geber's Book Report # 2 Mystery. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, Sleepover

Storyboard Text

  • Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, Sleepover Sleuths
  • You can go to my City Girls dolls party!
  • Yay!
  • Thanks! We will be there for it!
  • The night of the sleepover party
  • Hi
  • Thanks for coming to my birthday party!
  • Hollywood Heather
  • A Hollywood Heather doll! Cool!
  • Wow my party is going so well
  • Deirdre invites Nancy, George, and Bess to her sleepover birthday party. Everyone is bringing their City Girls dolls.
  • The girls get some sleep.
  • Nancy, George, and Bess arrives at Deirdre’s sleepover party.
  • Nancy takes the case.
  • Where is Hollywood Heather!?
  • Don’t worry. Bess, George, and I will find your doll.
  • Deidre’s best friend Madison joins the girls for the party. Deidre shows the girls her new doll, Hollywood Heather.
  • Finding clues
  • Wow! Our first clues!
  • Hey look fuzz!
  • I found an orange button!
  • After Deidre put her doll on the windowsill,the girls went to sleep.
  • The next morning Deirdre’s doll is missing. Nancy agrees that she, Bess, and George will find out what happened to the doll.
  • Nancy, Bess, and George find fuzz on the windowsill where the doll was the night before. They also find an orange button.
  • Going over the clues
  • I think I saw the orange button on Madison’s backpack.
  • Maybe Madison knows what happened to the doll. We should go talk to her.
  • The girls talk to Madison
  • Madison, did you find Hollywood Heather in your backpack?
  • We found an orange button from your backpack.
  • We also found cat fur, and we think the cat knocked the doll into your backpack.
  • You need to return the doll to Deirdre.
  • Hollywood Heather found!
  • I know. But her dad’s a lawyer, and I’m afraid he’ll have me put in jail.
  • Nancy, George, and Bess discuss the case over pizza.
  • Hollywood Heather returns!
  • That was fun! We should make a club and solve more mysteries.
  • Madison reluctantly admits she has the doll but says it was an accident. She found it in her backpack and was afraid Deirdre would think she stole it.
  • The Clue Crew
  • That sounds great! What should we call ourselves?
  • The girls convince Madison she needs to return the doll and explain what happened. As they are about to go see Deidre, Deidre walks up to the house.
  • Madison returns Hollywood Heather to Deidre and apologizes. Deidre, Madison, and Hollywood Heather go to tea. Nancy, Bess, and George decline tea and head home.
  • You found Hollywood Heather! Thank you, Madison!
  • I’m really sorry. The doll fell into my backpack. I should have told you, but I was afraid.
  • Fresh off their first mystery solved, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are excited to solve even more mysteries together.
  • How about the Clue Crew?
  • The End
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