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Newsletter - HR Benefits
Updated: 3/13/2020
Newsletter - HR Benefits
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  • Conversation @ the copier room
  • Hi Jessica, time flies and we are now in 2020. You know, I was looking at some of the employee benefits that were being roll out in 2019 and realized that there were many new initiatives from HR.
  • Hi Pierre! Really? what are the new initiatives? As you know, I am only 3 months with AbbVie. I would love to hear about them.
  • What are the new HR implementation?
  • 1) No. of days of Annual leave carried forward to the following year is changed up to 14 days2) Able to allocate 25% of Core to Flexi Benefits3) Flexible benefits plan is increase from $1,000 to $1,6004) A broader fitness benefit plan. No longer restrict to only Fitness first. 5) Increase in variable shift allowance6) Implementation of HR Connect
  • Enhanced Employee Benefits in 2019 - Pt 1
  • With the increase in the no. of Annual leaves we can carried forward. We are able to plan for a longer holiday, ensure we are fully rejuvenate and continue to perform well at workHaving 25% of core converting to flexi, and the increase of $600, this means we can have more to spend on well being & preventive careTo be continued ...
  • Enhanced Employee Benefits in 2019 - Pt 2
  • Keeping fit is an important pillar of our health, resilience and overall well-being. With the flexibility of engaging different fitness centers other than FitnessFirst will help to accomplish our goalsWith HR Connect and the new portal, you will be able to have your queries and request handle by the consultant accurately & quickly
  • Conversation @ the common area
  • Hi Britney! Pierre was sharing with me about the amazing benefits that were rolled out in 2019
  • Hey Jessica & Pierre! What interesting topics were you guys talking about?
  • This scheme is the 1st new benefit roll out in 2020. 
  • Mothers' Return to Work Scheme
  • Oh really! That's great! The changes on some of the benefits in 2019 really benefited me and my family. Do you know this year we are having the Mother's return to Work scheme. That's amazing!
  • Proud Employees
  • Wow! I am so excited and feel proud to be part of AbbVie after hearing from both of your sharing. AbbVie is always looking out for the employees and ensuring our well-beings are taken care of.
  • All for One Abbvie
  • All for One AbbVie!For more information on HR benefits - visit for more information & assistance
  • 1) Conversation @ the Copier Room
  • 2) What are the new HR implementations?
  • Pierre: Hi Jessica, I am more than happy to share! And let's get startedJessica: Thank you!
  • 3) Enhanced Employee Benefits in 2019 - Pt 1
  • Jessica: Hmm...What does these changes mean to me?Pierre: I knew you will be thinking about that. Let me share with you in details.
  • 4) Enhanced Employee Benefits in 2019 - Pt 2
  • Jessica: That's a great piece of information! Thank you for sharing with me. Pierre: No problem at all.
  • 5) Conversation @ the common area
  • 6) Mothers' Return to Work Scheme
  • 7) Proud Employees
  • 8) All for One AbbVie
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