The Sprouting of a Plant
Updated: 6/4/2020
The Sprouting of a Plant
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This is about the needs of a plant! If you are planning on growing a garden.

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  • Hi there! I'm going to show you all the needs of a plant!
  • #1 The perfect temperature! It all depends on the seed you have! Look at the package. It will tell you the weather your seed needs!
  • For example, my plant needs cold weather. But not too cold! Brrr! Unfortunately it's freezing right now! I am going to get a coat.
  • Oh come ON! Really? I just got my coat!
  • Okay well #2 Sun light! But again. Depends on your plant. Mine doesn't need that much. Since it needs lot's of rain. And sky's are mostly grey when it comes to rain...
  • #3 Soil! Nice wet soil really helps the plant grow! The seed will make it's food (which is sugar) from the soil that helps it grow! Then the roots will kick it's way out of the seed and dig down to find moisture in the soil.
  • #4 Water! Water is very important. A plant can't live without it! Just like us! The water goes to the embryo (which is a part of the seed) and helps the stem grow up and out of the ground. That's what we call sprouting .
  • #5 Carbon dioxide (Air) When the plant sprouts it needs air! If is grows without it (Just kidding it doesn't) Well then... that's kind of sad. Oh look! My flowers grew! Well, if you have all those things, then your plants are going to be just like mine!
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