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Moses 2
Updated: 9/25/2020
Moses 2
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Storyboard Text

  • Pharaoh wouldn’t let the slaves rest, and demands them to do work
  • We’ve been working all day
  • why doesn’t he let us have a break
  • I’m so tired
  • Moses’s mother tried her best to hide Moses when he was a baby, but now she can’t hide him any longer, so she is putting him in a basket and letting him drift in the Nile river
  • *does a prayer for moses’s Safety
  • One day Moses was watching the Hebrews work and noticed that one of the Egyptians was hitting the Hebrew, this made Moses mad so he took it in his own hands and beaten the Egyptian
  • Don’t ever try to hurt my people again
  • Moses finds a bush that’s on fire, but it isn’t burning up, so he goes to look at it and. Then he hears an angel call his name, he responds to the angel. She tells him everything he has to do to try saving the hebrews
  • Moses Moses!
  • I’m here!
  • Why isn’t the fire burning up?
  • Moses told all the Hebrews to get animal blood and put it on top of their doors so that the curse won’t harm them, god put a spell on all first born Egyptian sons to die, including pharaoh’s son
  • As Moses and his people were crossing the Red Sea, they got trapped by the Egyptians because pharaoh had a change of mind. They didn’t have a way out until god told Moses to use his stick to make a pathway so that all of the slaves can escape, after that Moses made the pathway turn into water again and pharaoh’s army got trapped
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