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stupid math project
Updated: 3/9/2020
stupid math project
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  • Like pumpkin pie?
  • Did you know today is pi day?
  • What? Why would you spell pie like that, and what does it have to do with math?
  • No son, p-i not p-i-e. You will use it in a couples years in your math class
  • I'm still really confused
  • Well when finding the area of a circle it is a lot harder than length times width
  • The diameter of a circle is the distance across the circle, right? And the radius is half of that. Well people multiple those by pi to find what they need
  • If people multiply it then what is it worth? And what do you mean by "what they need"?
  • Pi is infinite numbers but usually people just use 3.14. People use pi to find the circumference, or perimeter, and the area of the circle.
  • Who came up with this infinite number?
  • Well, another word for "infinite number" is irrational. Anyways, back almost 4000 years ago Archimedes of Syracuse calculated pi for the first time.
  • Woah! That was a really long time ago. Thanks for the history lesson dad. I'm going to tell all my friends about this now
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