Coronavirus story
Updated: 6/4/2020
Coronavirus story

Storyboard Text

  • Lisa have you heard about that strange virurs called Coronavirus?
  • Yes, but don't worry about that, right now is in China! So far away!
  • Is this a joke? Do you believe in what they say about that virus?!
  • Hailee you are mad!
  • This is a real important problem, and I took a decision. I'm going to practise the self-isolation.
  • It's obvious that I don't have that virus!
  • Cof! Cof!
  • Coronavirus!
  • Once upon a time in New York, two girls were having breakfast in a bar and also talking about a virus.
  • Empty streets for Coronavirus
  • Lisa? Are you fine? Please answer me! Please Lisa! Lisa!
  • The following day Lisa and Hailee met in front of the park and Hailee was wearing a face mask.
  • Rest in peace dear Lisa.
  • Elisabeth Hamilton Butera
  • Another day in that week, Lisa was travelling by train when suddenly she began to cough.
  • Coronavirus's vaccine finally found
  • Almost two weeks later, Lisa called Hailee to told her that she was feeling bad. Suddenly Lisa breathed hard and died at the same moment.
  • In that afternoon, Hailee and Lisa's parents went to the cemetery to bury Lisa.
  • Three months later, Hailee was still isolated in her house when suddenly, she saw on the TV that Coronavirus's vaccine was found.
  • Finally this nightmare ended!