Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Emperor: My people! The vicious and cruel barbarians have invaded our sweet home! We will not survive if we don't have help from everyone! Every family must sacrifice one soldier.
  • Emperor : I know I said every family must sacrifice a soldier and I only have one daughter and she cannot fight so I must take my weak body and push through for my country.
  • Masked warrior:My lord I am here to changelle you! You are far too weak to be in battle! I shall take your place!
  • Oh thank you! Please reveal yourself!
  • Mulan: It is me Father your daughter Mulan! I see how much you are in pain! I will fight for you! I know women are not supposed to go into battle but I will work hard and prove them wrong.
  • Emperor: Oh thank you my sweet Mulan! Be safe!
  • Mulan to herself:I am so brave, I am so proud of myself that I am just as brave as these men.
  • So Mulan the emperor's brave daughter cut off all her hair and disguised herself as a male for 12 years so she could fight for her country. The whole time Mulan was brave and no one questioned her gender. She was just as strong as the men fighting.
  • So after China they had defected the barbains and won the battle, Mulan revealed herself as a woman to her fellow soldiers.
  • Mulan:Yes the entire battle I was a women. I sacrificed myself for my beloved country and now that we have won I say...Girl Power!