Updated: 11/23/2020

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  • woahh!
  • St Jude
  • can't wait to eat
  • Hi my name is blair i can tell you're new here would you like to be friends
  • sure! My name is bella
  • Bella is a freshman starting high school at St Jude high. she is nervous to make friends because she is not like the others, she is not rich.
  • I have to go shopping
  • what are you wearing to the snowflake ball?
  • Should i take it? I don't think she would notice it
  • As the day goes by she attends half her classes. The bell rings and it's time for lunch.
  • I hope she's not home!
  • bella is that my dress? And what are you doing here i've been looking for that dress i had to fire my maid because i thought she stole it but it was you all along... i'm disappointed
  • At lunch, Bella makes friends with Blair and is excited. They start hanging out a Lot and are inseparable.
  • so friends?
  • i was hoping you can accept my apology
  • its all good, at first i was a bit disappointed but i got over it im just don't want it to happen again
  • Friends!
  • Bella and Blair hang out a Lot and are now having a sleepover. After Blair asks Bella what she is wearing to the snowflake ball, Bella is embarrassed because she does not have enough money to buy a designer dress like Blair.
  • Bella takes it but ends up feeling guilty so she tries to get it back without anyone noticing. She puts it on and hides it with her jacket.
  • Bella gives the dress back and apologizes but Blair does not forgive her. Bella learned her lesson and her and Blair haven't talked in weeks. Bella finally has the courage to go and talk to Blair and Blair forgives her. they are friends again.