food production 2

food production 2
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  • supply of agro-food products to markets and consumers, both within and across borders.
  • the measures put in place to contain the spread of the virus are starting to disrupt the
  • Yes they are, these impacts are also being felt by the food and agriculture sector. While the supply of food has held well to date, in many countries,
  • Do you think the buyers like agribusiness enterprises and wholesalers are also affected by this pandemic?
  • What have you learned from farming? Are most of them positive habits?
  • patience also teaches us to start and wait all over again. It is true that farming can be laborious
  • Yes, Most of them are good. Farming teaches us patience. Patience to accept what was, what is and what will be. And if we ever fail,
  • but hard work doesn't necessarily equate to boring work.
  • Yes they are, climate change can disrupt food availability, reduce access to food, and affect food quality. For example, projected increases in temperatures,
  • and reductions in water availability may all result in reduced agricultural productivity.
  • changes in precipitation patterns, changes in extreme weather events,
  • How does climate change affect your crops? Are most of them disadvantages?
  • The 2020–2021 Indian farmers' protest is an ongoing protest against the three farm acts which were passed by the Parliament of India in September 2020. What can you say about this? Do you agree with them?
  • produce a good crop and healthy animals in order to make a living and to feed the population. Farmers are responsible for all crops and livestock that are needed for us to survive.
  • Yes, Small farmers suffer from many production risks like drought, flood, lack of adequate use of inputs. Some newer crops require more water than parts of India have to give.
  • Loan systems left millions of Indian farmers in crushing debt with no way out. These acts shouldn’t be done because a farmer's main goal is to
  • Wow! we have learned a lot about farmers today. Don't you think so?
  • Thank you also for visiting!
  • Yes, Thank you so much for answering all of our inquiries Mr. and I think it's time for us to leave.
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