Rise for Change

Updated: 9/6/2020
Rise for Change

Storyboard Text

  • I am a Goddess & today I grant you the power to be GOD for one day. Go and do whatever you want and it shall remain so forever
  • GOD for 1 day!!!Wow really!! I can have all the icecream and chocolates
  • I will change the world for good
  • I have been given a great power, I shouldn't just waste it.
  • Equal opportunities to learn for everyone
  • oh God, I wish I had the money to go to a school
  • Wish granted! Every child should get quality education for free
  • People will care about environment now
  • The world used to be so beautiful and balanced. I want to restore landscapes back People will become more conscious, laws will become stricter now
  • There won't be any inequality. People will love and respect eachother without any discrimantion
  • Hey you Black Man!! Oh you are married to a muslim. You guys are just making my country filthy
  • Thus world is so unfair to us
  • Huhh
  • I hope i made this world a better place Goddess
  • Yes my child you did well. Now I will have t take back your power.Now go and enjoy the icecream I have kept in your fridge