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Updated: 10/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Democracy
  • All together, we rule you all.
  • Direct Democracy
  • Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to vote!
  • Autocracy
  • I rule all of my people!
  • This is showing how a bunch of people rule their government.
  • Oligarchy
  • Along with a few other people and I, we rule the country.
  • These are voters showing direct democracy.
  • Anarchy
  • This is showing how a king rules his entire country.
  • Federal
  • I'm so proud that we have a strong government.
  • This shows a rich man who rules his country with few people.
  • I'm also very wealthy which is how I'm able to rule. I would like to take out a bunch of money.
  • We have no one to rule us so we are very poor!
  • This shows a poor town that doesn't have any rulers.
  • This shows a basic middle class family who is proud of their government for being so good.