Chocolate war storyboard project
Updated: 2/20/2020
Chocolate war storyboard project

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • brother Eugene walked into the classroom
  • Brother Eugene just stares in disbelief
  • Brother Eugene doesn't know whats going on
  • all the furniture starts falling apart
  • Brother Eugene gets pissed about his desk and his stuff
  • POW
  • BOOM
  • kids yelling in the classroom
  • BAMM
  • BOOM
  • BAMM
  • Kids are running around the classroom
  • tables, chairs everything fell apart
  • The kids wounder whats going on
  • Kids catch on and realize what happened
  • The students get suspicious cause all the desk fell apart
  • The kids start laughing because the teacher doesn't understand whats going on
  • Kids start dying in laughter when they see Brother Eugene's desk and chalk board fall
  • Kids run around the classroom testing to see if any of the desks weren't sabotaged
  • The kids didn't know that the Goober actually was the one responsible
  • All the kids knew the person that did this is a legend
  • The vigils are threataning so they can make kids do what they want just like this situation
  • other students walked into the classroom to see what was going on
  • "Emile giggles while stealing the gas"
  • "Emile siphoning gas from a car"
  • "Emile had no response"
  • "what would you do, Emile, if Carlson came along and saw you stealing his gas"
  • Carson probably wouldn't even do anything
  • Emile wouldn't do anything to Carson anyways
  • People would tell him he should join the olimpics because he was one of the fastest runners in his school
  • "goober was beautiful when he ran"
  • goober running in the morning
  • "When he runs he even loves the pain"
  • He wasn't doing it to impress anybody he just loves to run its his favorite thing to do
  • The neighborhood would see him running and they would cheer him on
  • you can tell Jerry takes out his suffering while he plays football
  • Jerry's mom has diedfrom cancer
  • Jerry sees his dad everyday he gets home but when Jerry tries asking how his day was he always tells him it was "fine"
  • you can tell Jerry is going threw a ruff time cause of his mothers death and most of this is because he has nobody that cares to talk to it about knowing his dad doesn't talk to him
  • Jerry takes this hard because he doesn't walk to grow up to be like his dad
  • Jerry daydreams about seeing his mom on the football field