Abigail and Katerina
Updated: 2/23/2021
Abigail and Katerina

Storyboard Text

  • Come on in.
  • Knock Knock Knock
  • Hello, I'm Jessie. This is my daughter Katerina and my husband Dan.
  • I'm Susan and this is my daughter Abigail.
  • Sure
  • Can we go hang out?
  • Sure
  • Katerina and her parents are going to visit their new neighbors who just moved in.
  • Welcome to my new room.
  • Good idea!!
  • Let's finish unpacking your room.
  • Cool room!!
  • Katerina's family and their new neighbors are talking.
  • Coming!!
  • Katerina, time to go!!!!
  • Katerina and her neighbor's daughter Abigail want to go and hang out.
  • Good bye, see you soon.
  • Abigail is showing Katerina her new room.Katerina has the idea to finish unpacking Abigail's room.
  • Katerina's mom is calling her, luckily Abigail's room is finished.
  • Katerina's family and their new neighbors say goodbye.
  • Good bye.