Updated: 9/10/2020

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  • Well did u murder anyone?
  • What did he look like?
  • He was tall, his hair sprinkled with white as snow, and a figure similar to mine.
  • Yes, but it was along time ago.
  • The Truth Oedipus came back to the palace and said what prophet told him to his wife, Jocasta, and accused Creon and Tiresias of plotting agiainst him for the crown. Then when he described the man he murdered, Jocasta was shocked.
  • Where is this servant?
  • A servant from Thebes gave you to me for myself as my foster-son, but instead I gave you to the King and Queen of Corinth.
  • The death of Kind Polybus Little did they know a messenger came and announced the terrible death of King Polybus cause by a disease. And that very same messenger was the messenger was the one who gave Oedipus to the King and Queen of Corinth. Then Oedipus learned that he is not their real son, and so he talked to the servant that gave him to the messenger.
  • The Death of Queen Jocasta When Oedipus went to talk to the servant, and found out the truth, he was furious to Jocasta for not telling him the truth. Then when he went back, he grabbed a sword to kill her but when he arrived at her room he was too late, Queen Jocasta already took her own life. He saw her hanging on their ceiling, and left him shocked.
  • I married my own mother, i had four children with her. I killed my real father !!
  • The Prophecy He remembered the prophecy that he got at the temple of Apollo that said he will kill his own father and marry his mother.
  • Blindness of Oepidus Rex The shocking revelation caused him to remove the golden brooches that Jocasta was wearing and used it to gouged both his eyes, he struck the sockets of his own eyes !!, then blood was everywhere, it ran down to his cheeks and his drops of blood all at once looked like hail rained down.
  • His banishment After the bloody gouging of his own eyes. Oedipus requested to Creon to cast him immediately from Thebes. Then he left the land, with his 2 daugthers. For Odeipus destiny was an inescapable thing. Now, Oedipus can see the truth yet blind to the world. The End.
  • The End.
  • I request you to banish me from this land immediately !!