1984 Vocabulary
Updated: 3/19/2020
1984 Vocabulary

Storyboard Text

  • S: Winston put the documents in the memory hole..D: It was a hole where workers throw the documents of people that had comitted crimes, and were erased of history.
  • Memory Hole
  • Thought Police
  • S: The Thought Police came to my house last friday, to see some documents.D: Is the police that punishes thoughtcrime, thoughtcrime is the thoughts that are incorrect to the government.
  • Newspeak
  • S: Big Brother talked about the Newspeak.D: Is the language use here, that limits free speech and free thoughts.
  • Archaic
  • S: This is pen , is an archaic instrument.D: something extremely old.
  • Telescreen
  • S: A video of Goldenstein was put on the telescreen.D: Is a device that operates as a television.
  • Contrived
  • D: showing effects of planning or manipulation.S: That posters are contrived, i feel like their eyes are watching me.