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  • I hope he will be a king...
  • your son will be a great king, or religious leader
  • the prince must not see that peasant!
  • Great self denial..
  • aum..aum...
  • In 563 B.C, a man named Siddhartha Gautama was born in a castle in Nepal. Shortly after, his father met with a fortune teller who told him that Siddhartha would either be a king or A religious leader. However, his father wanted him the become king.
  • Who knew life was full of such misery!
  • As a young man, Siddhartha grew up in a life of luxury. His guards were always there to keep a close watch on him. Siddhartha went on Chariot rides, but every time he did, his father made his guards clear the streets of the poor, sick, and broken.
  • Wake up... Hello... would you like a taco? (She really offered him soup)
  • Siddhartha saw the holy man so happy with nothing, and desired to run away from home to become an ascetic. He escaped one night, traded in his luxurious robes for a ascetic robes, and joined a group of ascetics for 6 years.
  • Siddhartha decided to go out on a chariot ride without his guards, just the driver, and then sees four sights; A man stricken with old age, a man stricken with sickness, a man stricken with death, and finally a holy, but poor man.
  • After six years, Siddhartha deprived himself of so much that his body needed, he passed out. When he awoke, a milk maid offered him food and water, so he took it. He was then abandoned by the ascetics for failure of self denial. He realized this wasn't the right path for him.
  • Oh yes!! I need sustenance!
  • After realizing that self-denial is not the right path, he meditated under the Bodhi Tree. After 49 days, he achieved enlightenment. After he did, he became Buddha, and went around India for 49 years, teaching others to reach enlightenment as well.
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