Prototype Iteration
Updated: 3/28/2021
Prototype Iteration

Storyboard Text

  • I'm so tired and worried about my husband. I don't want to leave him alone, I don't know what to expect & how to help him.
  • I just got an alert to make sure he takes his anti-nausea medicine. I almost forgot! Let me see what else he needs to take today.
  • Alert - time to give John his meds to help with his nausea. Remember to make sure he eats something with it.Also remember - he will get his shot tonight at 7pm If you need help or have question, click here for live chat with a nurse.
  • "Nancy, John is more run down than we thought. Is this normal?
  • Hi Donna, that's very normal. Make sure he drinks and gets some sleep. A little light walking will help as well.
  • I'm not feeling really great. I hope I'm doing ok.
  • Donna's husband John has just had chemo and she's really worried that she'll be able to take care of him and be able to make sure he's comfortable and doesn't get more sick.
  • I'm feeling pretty good today. I think I can take a walk.
  • I am happy to go on a walk with you. After our walk, there is a support group. Do you feel you will be okay to rest while I attend virtually?
  • A proactive alert shows up on her phone and his phone at the same time on reminders of when to take certain medications based on timing of his chemo regimen - and there is always an option to talk to someone live - so that they don't feel like they are alone. They can also get phone call alerts as some are not tech savvy.
  • I hope I can manage. It's going to be a long day. Looks like there are places for me to rest in between appointments.
  • I love this app which tells us exactly where to go and which appointments we have for the entire day! The hospital is such a big place!
  • Donna reaches out to Nurse Nancy at the click on at button to ask her questions, and then is pushed a summary of what to keep an eye out for as a follow-up.
  • Only one more round to go. My team is available to you at any time, just reach out.
  • I see you had leg pain but were able to walk. Does the leg pain come and go or is it prolonged?
  • It looks like it you got some exercise. How do you feel? Donna, is the support group helping you/
  • John just got a nudge via the app to go for a walk if he feels up to it given where he is in his chemo regimen - at the same time, Donna got an alert as a nudge to join a support group as it might be good for her - there is an in-person and virtual option. She doesn't feel like she can leave John alone so she joins virtually.
  • The navigation app preps John and Donna for their upcoming appointments, takes them to the right building, and tells them exactly where to go in the building. They were also to see all of their appointments in one screen and if any appointments needed to be changed, it was so easy. It also shows key items along the way as needed - valet, restrooms, etc.
  • The physician can see exactly what progress & activities both John & Donna have been doing and can manage the family and how they are both doing with their cancer journey. She also has a detailed record of symptom management on a graph so she can see what the trends of symptoms are and when they arise.